Our bottom line

We understand the burden and reward of solid technology and we live every day by a simple mantra: create usable, elegant and affordable solutions powered by new age technology and development techniques to help connect the world. From our organization to yours – we’re with you every step of the way.

Our vision for the world is one that is fully integrated and intuitive, empowering you to make the best decision for your organization and clients.

Our Team

Tyler Dixon

Chief Officer/Engineer

Tyler has been working (with a passion) on computers since 1998. At the age of fifteen, he discovered his love for all things software. Over the thirteen years, he went on to serve in various roles including, IT Management, Sr. Technical Analyst (TA), Business Analyst (BA), Full-Stack Developer, and DBA for small and large DevOps teams. He has experience in implementing large-scale, enterprise level application projects as well as leading project management to deliver projects ahead of time and under budget.

All of these roles prepared him for the greatest joy of his life: starting a small, passionate development firm dedicated to bringing full-scale custom products to customers who need them most.

Some of his favorite languages include C#, SQL, JavaScript and VB.NET.

Amanda Thompson

Chief Marketing/EAM

Amanda joined Adroitable in 2018 in order to assist in the management of product demos, application rollouts, support and marketing. She comes from a rich background of creative and promotional roles and has a tremendous amount of passion for detail and excellence across all landscapes.

Brian Deese

Chief People/Product Owner

Brian joined the Adroitable team in 2019 to assist in product management for specialized web-driven software (SaaS) in expanded markets. His extensive background in sales and management made him the perfect candidate for leading and inspiring teams across the organization.

Along with his leadership skills, Brian lends his sharp eye for details and drives innovation for our products as target markets expand.