I have to log into like, 57 different things to get my work done.

If I had a dollar (adjusted for inflation) every time this was mentioned in the workplace… I think you know the rest of the saying. We live in a world that is absolutely dominated by data, but we also live in a world where people expect work on the web to be a simple task. After all, technology should be here to help – not convolute – right?

Excel Spreadsheets, Time Reporting, Orders, Fulfillment, Analytics, Basic Management… the list grows and grows every day depending on your organization. What most organizations don’t realize is that these things are mostly always capable of being integrated by one way or another.

I try to recycle the common saying that everything in technology should be interconnected in one way or another. We’ve deployed solutions that integrate sales data and commission data, spreadsheets to databases that feed reporting modules on the web and even CMS tools with fully integrated dashboards for analytics reporting and real time statistics. These solutions are not industry secrets, but we (the entire technology market) must do a better job at educating business leaders around the world about the importance of bridging this information.

If you’re reading this, just try thinking about all of the different ways you can connect your information to a more global platform or even share it across many platforms. Think about how much time and energy it would save. When you start expanding your landscape, start also thinking about how to consolidate it in order to bring additional value.