Startup Costs

Each and every project starts within an initial startup cost of $400. During this phase, we’ll deliver the following to you:

Comprehensive Project Plans and Timelines

You’ll get a full project plan complete with timelines and goals for the duration of the project. We’ll even collect meeting notes and change management for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Digital Solutions Questionnaire

We’ll collect all of your technical, style, marketing and functionality goals. We cover just about everything to drive a successful project from start to finish.

Ongoing Discovery Session

After you complete your questionnaire, we’ll touch base in 24-48 hours just to confirm your requirements and give you the chance to revise or add any additional details.

Goal Planning

A good project isn’t complete without an end-goal in mind. We’ll work with you one on one to incorporate your goals into your overarching project details.

If you’re not happy after the initial project startup phase, we’ll refund up to 50% of your original down payment.

Development Costs

This is different for everyone based on requirements gathered during our startup phase. Development costs refer to the total cost of development and implementation from start to finish for your digital solution. What we do during this phase depends on your requirements. There are two types of development:


Designed for power, scalability and complete control. We build your solution from the ground up, by hand, catered specifically to your requirements. Custom development is required for more complex implementations. Cost ranges from $2,500 – $50,000+.


Quick and to the point. We find the perfect template for you and implement based on your content, created by our hand-selected and trusted template developer network. Cost ranges from $1,000 – $6,500.

Add-ons and Extensions (Sites)

We offer several ways to extend your site or application in order to offer your customers the ability to interact with your brand, stay secure while browsing, submitting information or purchasing from you and request information from you.

Don’t see a specific service offered or have questions about these add-ons and extensions? Give us a shout.

Email Newsletter Integration
– Integrate and build your subscriber base
– Advertise and sell new services and products
– Newsletter Integration API Support
Email Marketing Management
– 2 newsletters per month
– Includes designed templates to fit your brand
– Content and Media Included
Contact/Proposal Forms
– Get leads and proposals direct to your inbox
– Access to historical proposals and contacts
Interactive Portfolios
– DIY Portfolios for creative professionals
Security Management (Extended)
– Keeps your site secure from hackers
– Essential for SEO scores and eCommerce
Routine Performance Audits
– We routinely audit your site for best practices, SEO, Crawling/Indexing, accessibility and diagnostics
SEO Optimization and META Management
– We perform 13 individual audits and make changes where necessary
– Top Organic Keyword Analysis
– Google Ads Integration and scheduled ads
Social Media Management
– 2 posts per month on each platform
– Content and Media Included
– Administrative Support
– Scheduled Posts
Event, Blog and Planning Systems
– Run your own event planning, blog posts or other planning systems
Traffic Reporting
– Gain insights about your traffic each month across five major areas including audience and conversion rates
VIP Analytics Reporting
– White label traffic and analysis reporting for your executive team, created specifically for your needs
Unlimited Graphic Design
– Unlimited design for your merchandise and branding requirements
– Access to design restoration services

Support Costs ($35/Page)

In order to keep everything running smoothly and to constantly adapt your site to the ever-changing requirements of the internet, each digital solution is paired with a support package that scales with the size of your site. Support covers the following activities:

  • Database and Server Management
  • Custom Development/Code Management
  • Environment Management (Private and Live Environments)
  • Security Management (Logs and Renewals)
  • Framework Updates (CMS/Dev Frameworks)
  • Testing and Regression Testing
  • Routine Backups
  • Free Domain Management

Ready to roll?

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